Friday, September 26, 2008

McCain Voters, I Have to Say....

In the course of my election blogging I have tried not to be sophomoric or crass in my approach to express my opinion. However, I believe I may have let my tact override what I really want to say and based on the events that occurred yesterday, I'm afraid I can no longer hold it in.

This will be the only sophomoric statement in my note I promise. (Sarcastic wit does not count): People who STILL plan on voting for McCain; even after all of this, are either racist, blind & deaf(symbolically), fundamental nutcases, or just plain idiots. Now I'm all for freedom of speech and expressing your opinion but Jesus Christ have you been paying attention?

I'm sure that statement may have offended those of you who are considering the Arizona senator and so I apologize but trust that I will make my points sound and logical by the end of this note. Furthermore, if you're going to vote for McCain regardless, why do you care what I think?

Let's start with the fundamentals, after reading both candidates' plans and stances on the issues, I found McCain's to be lacking quality and depth for that matter. What Obama spelled out in a 33 page booklet [Obama's blueprint for change] McCain left to one paragraph per topic, or worse a few sentences that said more about his "personality" than any actual plan.

McCain's record has clearly supported corporations over people. No, I didn't get this information off Obama's web site or any other "liberal" news station. How your congressmen vote on any proposed bill is public record. We are a democracy, which means we have the power to hold our representatives accountable. You wouldn't let your attorney plead guilty for you if you wanted to plead non-guilty. But I digress, McCain has voted against equal pay for equal work, the quote he made about women needing more education and training is true, he's supported tax cuts to big companies, including Big Oil, he's against Roe v. Wade and thinks the constitution should be interpreted exactly as it was written (in the 18th century); his words from his mouth.

McCain opposes hate crime legislation that would protect women and LGBT citizens in the workplace, housing market, and on the street. Now I don't care if you think gays are going to hell because God sent you a memo saying so; no one deserves to be mistreated or beaten and tortured for who they are, no exceptions! The Matthew Shepard Act and the Employee Non-Discrimination Act would be a big step for marginalized people in this country and it's a shame that people let their religious beliefs trump their humanity.

McCain opposes a woman's right to choose, his running mate is even so staunch to oppose it in cases of rape & incest. Again, this is a big issue to a lot of folks but let's lay out the one fact coming from either decision: Women who want an abortion will find a way to get it, legal or illegal. Now, the fact that the law itself even has to be drawn out on the books is sad but I won't take up too much time debating. I'll just say, until we make it illegal for post-pubescent men to walk around without a permanent condom on, we cannot seriously consider punishing only half of the equation.

McCain has a record of making rash decisions, (Ahem, Sarah Palin, etc.) lying and backing it up with more lies, running a sleazy campaign with false, defaming ads and avoiding speaking about policy. If you haven't been paying attention he's trying to duck out of the debate tonight. It's not because there's an economic explosion/crisis (another lie) because he was fine with schmoozing and partying while the levees were breaking in New Orleans. In fact, the whole dog & pony show yesterday was a pathetic attempt at trying to make himself look good; which brings me to my next point.

In the past few weeks, John McCain has made moves ONLY to advance his political career. Country First has become Campaign First. Why do you think he showed up to that theatrical meeting yesterday with a campaign adviser? Obama came with a legislator, you know, those folks who make laws. So who was trying to advance his political career? Likewise, do you really think McCain picked Palin because he honestly thinks she is qualified to run? She's less "informed" than Bush (which is a nice way of saying she's ignorant). Laura Bush even said she had little experience but was a "quick learner". You wouldn't want a first year, or shall I say 18 month, med-student performing your brain surgery, why would you want someone running our country who needs practice?

With regards to this economic "snafu" (which is a nice way of saying ‘there goes my retirement’) McCain has tried his best to look like the hero who's saving us all; when in reality, his haste back to Washington and the alleged suspension of his campaign was stalled by not one but two speaking engagements in NY. He dissed Dave Letterman because he just "had to get back to Washington" but then did a Katie Couric interview at the same network, at the same time! McCain is not even on the committee responsible for re-doing the ridiculous 2 1/2 page proposal. In fact, until yesterday he hadn't even read it, furthermore, congress mentioned repeatedly that they did not need either of the candidates to reach a decision. The Bush photo-op yesterday actually hindered progress on the bill.

So what do you do when you're losing a match? You dance around the ring, you avoid hits and attack below the belt. I love how the Maverick's campaign suddenly had to come to a screeching halt (which it really didn't) once he started sliding in the polls. You really have to be completely naive if you don't see what he's doing. He’s already lying to you and he’s not even in office yet! Even “Fox Noise” is calling him out. Fox, his own propaganda machine, even thinks these Hail Mary passes are becoming a bit pathetic.

So, to you John McCain voters, if you're not convinced now that McCain has only McCain in mind and not you, just stay home on November 4th. Seriously though, this election is too important to stake on your ignorance.

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