Monday, September 15, 2008

Global Warming or God's Mid-Life Crisis?

So I don't come off like an "Angry Leftist" as W so quaintly referred to us, I've decided to simply point out the fallacies of the McCain/Palin ticket with regards to policy. Global warming is such a hot button issue now because of the rising gas prices and melting ice caps and all that. Palin, who lives in ice-world, thinks global warming is simply a myth that the Left is manufacturing to thwart the billion dollar oil companies from making more money. Did none of these people pay attention in science class? (Bush is excused because in order to learn science you first have to be able to read the textbook) But the rest of these yahoos think this is just some natural act of God. Now regardless of your religious beliefs I think we can all agree that animals, as large as McCain's ego, once roamed the earth; either that or the Smithsonian is just really good at making a fake T-Rex. Furthermore, logic should tell you that there is significantly more pollution being produced on our planet than there was, say 100 years ago. I agree that there are natural events that influence the warming and cooling of the earth's surface, but I also know that if I fill my bathroom with hairspray and light a match I might be in some trouble.

And why would I even entertain the idea that someone from Big Oil Country would care about the environment? If I wanted to make a personal quip, I would probably mention the hypocrisy of Palin's whole outlook, how someone who opposes abortion is pro-hunting, but thank God I don't make those. I mean, if your idea of a fun Saturday morning is killing baby deer before protesting at an abortion clinic on Sunday then whatever floats your boat. Although the idea of taking life for sport offends me I'm going to let that discussion fall to another note, I digress...

The whole climate crisis that the Right tries to make a myth (maybe the gays are doing it with all their hot evil sex) is something we're going to regret in the long run. Both Palin and McCain have opposed environmental protection measures several times and since Big Oil is one of their campaign's biggest "gift-ers" I don't think they'll be changing their mind anytime soon. So, Jim Bob, keep driving your 2-ton diesel truck and burning all your trash and when your house gets berated by yet another Cat 5 hurricane, blame the Left for not praying hard enough!

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