Monday, September 15, 2008

Dr. McJekyl & Mrs. Palin

Before yesterday I was unsure that the republicans could get any uglier but I was sadly proven wrong. Gov. Palin's attempt to rally her troops at the convention also served as a big "Up Yours" to the rest of the American public. It was almost unbearable to watch; sure it was a good speech, but I hear so were Hitler's. At no point did she discuss policy, action, or plans; except, of course, in erroneously bashing Obama's policies.

What bothered me most was not her hypocrisy, which I'll speak on later, but her blatant alienation of everyone who has ever worked for change in our country. Hey Palin, those "community organizers" you so foolishly mocked last night are the only reason you're even standing there! Correct me if I'm wrong but "community activism" or rather the solidarity of the American people has been the cornerstone of nearly every major movement in this country! Let's list some shall we:

1. The Abolitionist Movement - Ended Slavery, Helped Establish 14th Amendment
2. The Suffrage Movement - Voting Rights for Women, otherwise Palin would still be her husband's property
3. The Civil Rights Movement - Yeah Palin Martin Luther King was a "silly community organizer" too right?
4. The Black Panther Party - Fed more children in 10 months than the government did in 10 years
5. Unions - Were formed by working "community organizers"
6. Planned Parenthood - Could have probably given your daughter some birth control
7. The Obama Camp - a nation full of "community organizers" you just insulted, and we're gonna make you pay for it at the ballot box!

How dare your party criticize Obama for being an elitist and, in the same breath, look down upon the pioneers of this great nation! This is just the start of your long list of hypocrisy.

You get on the news and say, keeping the baby was my daughter's decision and the people/media should respect it, yet you're running a campaign that lets the government take the decision from other women, other families, even in the case of rape on incest. Moms with young daughters have to know what's at stake. When, yes I said when, your daughter decides to have sex will she have access to birth control? Or will you have to come out of pocket to pay for them because the federal government doesn't require insurance companies to pay for it? Or will you have to drive half-way across town because the clerk at your local pharmacy reserves his religious right not to fill your prescription? With no sex education will your daughter even know the risks of NOT practicing safe sex?

You bash Obama's experience, he's been running a campaign longer than you're been governor! You tear yourself away from the "Boys in Washington" but you have them introduce you, defend you, and speak about how great you'll be. You call Hillary a whiner and in the same breath invoke her great accomplishments as a stepping stone in your career. You spew lies and make generalizations about Obama's policies while never documenting any of your own, or McCain's for that matter.

You, Madam Governor, are a hypocrite, a liar, and an elitist. Go ahead, keep making fun of the community organizers, we'll organize to call you out on your lies. Keep preaching your "sexism" defense when they ask you about your pastor who said the war on terror was God's revenge against the Jews because they did not accept Christ. I bet Fox News won't bring that up. Furthermore, I don't know what they teach out there in Alaska but Jesus Christ was a JEW! Christianity is a religion formed from his teachings so Jesus himself could not have been a Christian. No, Obama's name isn't on any bill in Congress, he was too busy trying to bridge the divide your party created. Go ahead and make fun of his momentous and historical speech last Thursday, more people will be watching NFL football than your candidate; the football game will probably have more substance. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones; that goes the same for igloos!

It's not about Obama, as he himself so fervently put it, it's about the American people; the "community organizers" who got sprayed with water hoses, beaten, raped, murdered, bitten by dogs and criminalized so that you, Governor Palin, don't have to. You can just ride your high horse on the stage and dismiss everyone else. You might believe in Jesus but you aren't anyone’s savior.

It is ever more important now for us to rise up; show Palin and McCain that community organizers can and will win elections. Friends, tap your neighbors, your family; register them to vote! Explain to them why Obama is the representation of America's future and let's make the next 61 days count! Perhaps on November 5th, when we're declaring the first Black President of the United States, they'll take us seriously.

DO Something!

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