Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lessons From a King

Is is not everyday one stumbles upon a black pearl, one of earth's most coveted treasures. It's aura and beauty is only grasped at the very surface, with so much more waiting to be discovered. You, Michael Joseph Jackson, were a pearl. Placed firmly at the top of music's hierarchy, you did what no one else could. You gave your childhood for our entertainment, your privacy for our satisfaction, your time and money so that children may eat, so that there may one day be a cure for AIDS, so that more people may live and less may die. You were our partner in crime, the soundtrack to our lives, the leader when we didn't even know how to follow. Today we mourned you, we celebrated your life and your legacy. You are more than a pop star, you are a legend. The mark you made on this earth will both be highly coveted and never reached.

It is my hope that in your passing you have left a significant mark of a different kind. I hope that people take Michael Jackson the person into their hearts, that they fixate their gazes higher than what was previously thought possible. We should look at your life, one of kindness, generosity, and unchallenged artistry, as a beacon for which to reach. We should spend more time finding ways to love each other and less time hating each other. We should love people while they're still here. If you have taught us anything Michael, it's that tomorrow is never guaranteed. We should extend more open hands, give more hugs, and send more blessings. We should talk more and text less. We should hold fast the belief that there is good in humanity. We should take the time out of our day to reflect. There should be more "We" and less "Me".

Your life wasn't about you, Michael. It was about us. The gifts you gave humankind, the barriers you broke for Black Americans, the bar you set in music and performance, the strides you made as a humanitarian will forever be immortalized in the hearts and minds of people all over the world. Let us all celebrate your life by improving our own and the lives of those around us. We love you, MJ. <3

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